A Guest Blogger? So Exciting!

It’s not set in stone yet, but it looks like my dad might be willing to write some posts for my blog!  He rarely writes anything, just when something funny happens, and he posts it to his Facebook.  But those posts are hilarious!

I’m crossing my fingers that we can work this out, because he’s smart and clever and funny.  He’ll make my blog far more entertaining than I can manage!  *smile*

So keep your ears tuned!  I’ll let you know as soon as I know for sure.

And, since I don’t use names on my blog, he’ll be ‘The Grump’ which is actually his nickname in real life.

I’m so excited!

It wouldn’t be a regular thing, just when something funny happens, but still!

So. Exciting.

Are you a blogger?  Do you write all of your own blog posts or do you have Guest Bloggers?  How do you work that out?  Inquiring minds want to know!

2 thoughts on “A Guest Blogger? So Exciting!

  1. I used to guest blog back in the blogging heyday of the mid 2000s, and it was a blast! It was usually just a friend or acquaintance who would ask and then I would email them a post to put up. No money exchanged, more like a community thing.

    The only tough thing would be letting a good piece “go” to someone else’s site, so it was always hard to decide which pieces to part with! 😂

  2. My family has been asking my dad to write a book/blog for years, but he was never interested. I’m really excited about this!

    I’ve never posted on another blog, and I agree… it would be hard to decided which post to ‘give up’. 🙂

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