Knitting Machine Final Set Up

I picked up a smaller table from the relative that gifted me with the knitting machine, and it fits SO much better in our house!

Here’s a peek:


I really like how it came out!


And I’m sloooooowly but surely working on learning to use it.  I will admit that not knowing how to knit makes it HUGELY frustrating.  If more than one stitch slips I struggle to fix it, and I definitely raged out once and yelled at it.  Tundra hid in the closet and glaaaaared at me.

There were tears.

And puppy cuddles.

But I’m doing better with it now!

What do you think?  It makes the walkway clearer so that if there’s a fire we’re safer AND it doesn’t get knocked around by the dog racing up and down the house.  *smile*

2 thoughts on “Knitting Machine Final Set Up

  1. This looks like the perfect set up! THough , staring at those books would probably distract me from my machine… Keep learning! Don’t give up! I felt like you a few months ago, crying and yelling frustrated with my new to me machine… But now, I’m doing better and feel confident I can do this! Believe in yourself! It’ll come!

  2. I’m still trying! I can’t do anything more than blocks… there are so few actual patterns for these! But I’m thinking I’ll block a blanket or something. 🙂

    I read on Kindle most of the time because it’s easier, but I love buying copies of my favorite books!

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