My Curtains are SO SHINY

I asked for curtains this year for Christmas.  Our house has many windows, and most of them have makeshift curtains or no curtain at all.  Our kitchen window has a towel hanging in it!

Mom and I picked out fabric, and the first one is done!  I asked that the one to our front door be done first since I would like to be able to do do laundry in my pjs.

The fabric is WAY better in person than it is in the photo online… brilliant blue with stars and glitter.

Silly, I know, but it’s something I thought my husband would like.  His favorite color is a rich blue and he loves space and stars.  He did NOT want curtains, so this is our compromise.

Here’s the first one!  From the Outside:


The stars are JUST visible from the street/sidewalk, and I love how it looks!  Also, we totally need to reink our ‘Rescue our dog!’ stickers on the window.

From the inside:


It’s held on with magnets, two sewn in at the top and one loose.  It came out SO nicely!

We’ll have them for all but the big windows at the back of the house.  Those have fleece curtains that were made specially for them by the previous owner, and they keep it a lot warmer… you can definitely tell the difference in the winter when you close them!

Aren’t they cute?  I’ll have to take photos of them all when they’re done so I can show them off.  *smile*

What kind of curtains do you have?  Did you bother with curtains?  Do you buy them or make them?  Inquiring minds want to know!