Wrapped and Ready To Go!


The last of the presents I’ve ordered have arrived!  Nothing big, but I did almost all of my shopping online during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and now everything is accounted for.  *smile*  We were within budget, and we were able to find gifts for everyone in our immediate family.

I spent last night wrapping them so that it wouldn’t be a crisis.  Polka dotted paper for my husband’s family’s Christmas and stripes for my family.  This makes it easy to grab the right gifts for each family!


The one present with polka dots in this box is actually my dad’s Birthday present.  He’s a Christmas baby, and we make sure he gets his best present for his birthday!

We have Christmas the same way every year: Christmas Eve we have dinner at my folks’, attend Christmas Eve Service with my mom, and then open presents.  We open presents on Christmas Eve because my dad was Navy, and he could never get Christmas Day off, but it wasn’t too hard to get Christmas Eve off instead.  It wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized people did more than eat on Christmas day!  And our family never had kids getting up way to early on Christmas day because the only thing waiting was stockings with candy in them.

Christmas Day, we go to my inlaws’ cabin and open presents there and have dinner and drinks together.

My inlaws like to have live trees, but my parents had a plastic one bought at some point in the 90’s.  It’s mine now, and we never put it up because the dog knocks it over three or four times a day.  So we just put up lights.

Are you done shopping for the holidays?  What family traditions do you have?  Inquiring minds want to know!  *smile*