Our Washer Isn’t Dead But it Gave Us a Scare

So, as is usual on my last-day-before-work, I got my laundry together and waltzed over to the washing machine, set it up, and turned it on.

Or not.

It didn’t turn on.

The light was still on, so it couldn’t be the breaker.  Went downstairs and flipped the breaker anyway. No good.

My husband peeled it apart to look at the top innards.  This washer used to be part of a matched set, and the dryer failed in 2014.  It was fixable, but the parts were unfindable.

The repair guy said he hadn’t seen a new of this type since 1960.  There just weren’t parts to be had, despite our looking online and his.  I feared this would be the case for the washer too.

So my husband checked the switches he could to be sure it wasn’t an easy fix, and then we had to go to my parents’ to wash my laundry.

I looked at washers, and there was a sale at Sears, but I was dragging  my feet.  My dad and I talked about how to make it work – the washer in place is a 25 inch wide model, and there is less than a quarter inch space on either side.

They don’t make 25 inch washers anymore.  It was 27 or bust.

So we had to plan out how to cut into the broom closet next to it to make room.

Much angst.

My husband shoveled snow at my parents’ because my dad had hurt his back.

I carried in firewood.

We came home in a total state of glum with my freshly washed clothes.  I popped them into the dryer.

And the dryer wouldn’t turn on.

I went downstairs to flip the breaker again.

No go.

I looked at the breakers in the actual outlet.  They looked fine – flush with the outlet and hadn’t popped.

I pushed them anyway.

And the washer turned on.


Crisis averted but it totally derailed my day.