Oh, Beauteous Day, My Tea Plant Is Here!

You would think that, since every other nursery waits to ship, that the Camellia Forest Nursery would also wait until reasonable weather to ship their plants.


It was 25 degrees yesterday when I found the notification that my tea was being delivered.

I was at work.  45 minutes away from home.

Cue frantic call to my husband, demanding he go home and rescue my NOT CHEAP tea plant.  He was NOT PLEASED, but went home anyway.

And he arrived literally as the truck pulled up.  So my tea plant spent no time outside!

Whew.  I had been worried.

But here she is!

I already have her tucked under a grow light on one of my warming mats.  I thought I would have time to figure out how to care for her but NOPE, here she is!  So there is some researching going on.

The one I picked was Lipton Plantation because it looked pretty generic and a good place to start out.

Do you have any insight on keeping tea plants alive?  Advise? Well wishes? (Please live little tea plant!!!)  Inquiring minds want to know! *smile*dscn3575