Moved the Grow Light Upstairs So The Neighbors Don’t Think We’re Growing Pot

So the grow light set up in the basement looked very nice, but the light was so bright that it looked like we were either summoning aliens with our landing lights or have the largest grow operation East of the Mississippi.

Neither of these are ideal.

So, I moved it upstairs.  Oddly enough, it stands out less in it’s new spot in my closet because ALL of our upstairs overhead lights are fluorescent.

It’s striking in the dark:


But a lot of the reason I moved it was simply because the basement was too cold for anything to germinate, and the heating pads weren’t enough to help.

The dog, I might note, is absolutely disgusted that I put something in HIS closet.  You can see his couch there where he naps off and on during the night… basically whenever he decides there isn’t enough space on the bed.

Sometimes he comes over and woos to get us to move over, and then he’ll climb back onto the bed.  But after a while he gives up and sleeps in his closet.

In his previously dark closet that was JUST HIS.

He’s been grumpy about the change!

Closer look:


There’s a window there, but it has black out curtains.  Not for the dog’s sake, actually, but because our neighbors across the street put up such elaborate holiday displays that it makes it look like aliens are landing with all of the flashing lights.

Fortunately, they now turn off the music at about 10pm.

We can hear it through our walls.


So, blackout curtain.

But look how cozily that fits!  *Smile*

Do you have grow lights?  Any advice for setting them up or problems you see with my set up?  I figured out pretty quickly that the tea plant couldn’t be in the middle and the light should be lower.  And it’s an LED light so it isn’t hardly warm.  What do you think?  Inquiring minds want to know!