Interesting Things Just for You: Syrmor Youtube Channel

My husband ran across a Youtube Channel I thought you lovelies might like. *smile*

Syrmor has a Youtube Channel where he hangs out in Virtual Reality chat and meets various people.  It’s totally wholesome goodness (so far as I’ve seen), kind of like a Humans of New York but in VR.

You can find it here:

Syrmor YouTube

Particularly adorable is his conversations with Jordan, but I also enjoyed Korean Bird’s interviews.  Get that job Korean Bird!  We believe in you!  *smile*

And here’s the thing, it seems like there’s a counter culture growing of just plain wholesome goodness.  The counter culture IS to be good and kind and generous and a wonderful human being.

That’s a counter culture.  What does that even say about today?!?

Thought this would be an uplifting thing on a downer of a week (at least for me, I’m not doing so hot).

Enjoy the snow!

Have you encountered this channel before?  What type of examples of this Counter Culture have you seen?  Inquiring minds want to know!