Snow and Ice Because Winter Ain’t Done Yet

We had quite a bit of snow recently, and once my work declared a snow day I retrieved my shovel and went trotting outside to help.  Not even three shovelfuls of snow, and my husband shooed me back into the house.

So I went out the other door and started again.   When we got close to the sidewalk, he could hear me, and he came over and shooed me into the house again.

Which is wise because I aggravated the herniated disc in my back, and it was PAINFUL.  I spent two days sitting VERY CAREFULLY while that faded because I don’t EVER want to set that off again.

So he may have been right.

Today everything is covered with a thick sheet of ice, and it’s snowing horizontally on top of that… the wind is pretty stiff.

My Facebook is full of posts about accidents and dangerous driving, so I’m happy I don’t have to go anywhere today.

Stay safe, ya’ll!