I Was My Momma’s Birthday Present

My mom and I celebrated our Birthdays this weekend (not on the actual days because life) and the week was a whirlwind of Birthdays!

Both my mom and my father-in-law were born the same day.  I was born two days after and share my father-in-law’s dad’s birthday.  Basically I was my mom’s birthday present, and my father-in-law was an early birthday present for his dad.

I’ve always celebrated a shared birthday, and I really like that.  I hate opening presents alone in front of people, so having someone to share it with is amazing and makes things MUCH easier on my nerves.

My husband gave me a desk easel, and my in-laws gifted me with a book on Wisconsin Birds and the matching CD.  My parents helped me buy new sandals – the ones I’m wearing I bought in 2008.  I managed to shop around and find a good deal on a nearly identical pair from the same company.

I still have the jean quilt coming – I should have it on August 24th.

So, Happy Birthday to all of us!

4 thoughts on “I Was My Momma’s Birthday Present

  1. You also share your birthday with your Great-Grandfather Harry Cassell, b. 1896.

  2. Happy birthday to all of you! My mother’s birthday is two days after mine, so we have a shared party every year and it works out great!

    1. I had no idea individual parties were a thing for most kids until I was in sixth grade or so. But I love having a shared party! It’s a mom-and-me thing. 🙂

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