A More Realistic Watercolor

I worked on a new watercolor with a reference photo to make it more realistic.  The photo was nude, so I gave her some clothes.  *smile*  If you’re interested in knowing what photo I used, I can dig that out.  It was from a book of female nudes.

Again, I had to color adjust because of my scanner tinting everything blue.

I used water colors and colored pencil from my Prismacolor skin tone kit.  I used a special pencil (I need to look up which one!  It’s opaque)  to smooth the face on this one – the paper is cold press and a little rough.

The only thing I REALLY don’t like is how dark her eyes are.  Oh, and how her hand came out poorly.

But I worked on blending in the background, and I mixed the skin colors from scratch so… pleased with those!


I also dislike how her feet are cut off – I drew it on computer paper and used carbon paper to transfer it over, but I drew her too big!  In the future, I know I’d need to just redraw it.

I recently came to the realization that if I don’t like a piece… I can just toss it and do it again.  Mind-blowing, right?!?  But before I always stuck it out even when the piece was going poorly.  Now, I realize that I just need to try again!

So, something pretty to look at!  It’s Friday, ya’ll, so go and have fun!

Do you have any watercolor advice or feedback?  Inquiring minds want to know!  I’m not touchy about crits on my art so long as they’re in text and not in person, thankfully.  In person I’m busy trying to figure out what my face should be and also trying to squash that knee-jerk YOU’RE WRONG reaction.  *smile*

2 thoughts on “A More Realistic Watercolor

  1. The skintone is fantastic! I work with acrylics, and am amazed at anyone who can pull off realistic skin tone with watercolors. They’re so much harder!

    1. I struggle with darker skin tones and not making them muddy, but the lighter ones are a bit easier just because you don’t have to build them up so much. 🙂

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