We Had a Party!

My husband and I traveled to LaCrosse this weekend, along with my dad and brother, and we went to a family get together!

There were family members in from out of state as well as a Birthday.

We did photos together, which of course I won’t share because I don’t show anyone’s face but my own, and that would be a lot of blocking out faces, and if you’ve blocked out all the faces, why even bother showing the photo?

We were a tad late for the photos, but they waited for us which was nice.

Then we went to a restaurant a bit out of town, and we had dinner.

Four of us are allergic to mushrooms, and the restaurant seemed to smother nearly everything in mushrooms.  Which meant that most of the menu was closed to us AND we couldn’t eat anything off the grill because it was very likely the grill was contaminated.

It also meant my husband couldn’t eat anything off the grill either because if HE ate mushrooms I would be exposed the next time I kissed him.

So I had salmon, and he had cod.  It was SO GOOD!

We had to leave early though because our Tundra had been kenneled all afternoon, and we try really hard not to go past 7 hours with him because that’s a hardship for him.

BUT.  When we asked for our check, we were told it was already being paid.  So, THANK YOU to those relatives that paid for it.

Also, one of my relatives is sick, and I was so happy to get to spend time with her.  She’s an amazing lady, and she’s supported my reading and later my writing since day one.  Of all of my relatives, I always felt like she was the one who ‘got’ me, you know?

When I was little, she and her husband gifted me on one birthday with book money, and that was SO kind of them.  My parents couldn’t afford to get me a lot of books, and the library system wasn’t nearly so robust then, so it was A Big Deal to be able to buy a book I wanted.  I did a lot of escapism reading then and read a LOT.

She also frequently loaned me books since our reading tastes were similar most of the time.  She introduced me to Unicorn Quest series by John Lee and the author Michelle Sagara.  I still read Michelle Sagara, but the Unicorn series by John Lee only has five books.  (I bought hard copy later in life and they were NOT easily available and thus NOT cheap.)

I checked and couldn’t find much on John Lee, but Michelle Sagara is still going strong and very popular.  Her ‘Cast in –” series is AMAZING.  She also writes high fantasy.

So I was glad to get a chance to sit and talk with her.

We had a wonderful day, and I’m so happy it landed on a day I could go.  My relatives are amazing folks, and I won the relative lottery.  (On both sides of the family, actually, because my husband’s relatives are amazing too.)

Love you all!