Nerves, All the Nerves

I’ve mentioned that my Job Has Been Eliminated, and so I’m looking for work.  It’s possible, at least for the near future, that I’ll be working with my dad and husband in their business.

Which is super exciting.


See, when I was at my sickest, I worked with my dad.  And my work was fine – when I was healthy enough to do it.

I wasn’t healthy enough to do it a lot of the time.

I just kept limping along trying to work and make bills but I was SO sick.

So, he fired me.

Which, if you’ve never been fired by a relative, is traumatizing.  I was devastated.  It strained our relationship.

Here’s the thing though: he fired me so I would be forced to apply for disability, which is one of the best things he could have done.

I got disability.  Over the next five years I recovered.  Now, I’m working again.

And that door is no longer closed to me.

I’m SO NERVOUS about working with him.  I get why he fired me, but all I can think is that I’m going to screw it up AGAIN and get fired AGAIN and be a huge disappointment.  My husband insists I’ll be fine, but i’s really stressing me out!

And the money is tight, so I’m looking for part time jobs as well.

So there’s a lot up in the air right now, and I’m having major nerves!

Have you ever worked for family?  How did that go?  How did you deal with keeping things professional?  Inquiring minds want to know!

8 thoughts on “Nerves, All the Nerves

  1. Best of luck to you! I hope it all works out great. My mother hired me to clean her house when I was really tight on money one time. Worst decision ever. She followed me around the entire time and told me how I was doing everything wrong. And I’m a really clean person! Apparently she wanted a level of clean that would have passed Martha Stewart level inspection!

  2. I have worked for and with family and It was never easy. It never will be. The emotions are always there and taking critiques from family is always harder. But if your bond is strong, you’ll be fine. Good luck.

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