Furnace and Air Conditioner Survived!

We called and had someone come out to check out and repair our furnace and air conditioner after all the, well, water.   Water in them, water around them, water everywhere.

As soon as we realized we were flooding, we turned them off and cut power, but when I opened them after the water went down, it was very clear they had been affected.

Because of the, you know, mud and debris in them.

So we decided they weren’t safe to turn on and called for an expert.

(Not for the water heater though.  The water never even came close to reaching the panel, and we had hot water throughout.)

The tech comes over, does minor repairs, checks everything out, and cleans out all of the mud and debris.

And now our furnace and air conditioner are up and running!  It cost right around $600, but it was WAY CHEAPER than having to buy a new furnace or air conditioner, so it was a relief.

We’re up and running!

Were you affected by the recent flooding?  We got off lightly, and it was a relief to get the air conditioner running again – it’s been hot and sticky at night making it hard to sleep.  We were also worried about Tundra getting hot spots.  Have you had to replace a furnace or air conditioner?  How did that go?

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