I Broke My Shower

I can’t even.

I got ready for my shower, stepped in, spun the knob… and then knob kept spinning.

No water came out.  There was COPIOUS swearing because I just DO NOT NEED another thing to fix and spend money on.

So the GOOD news is that it broke with the water OFF.

I washed my hair in the kitchen sink and took a bucket of hot water to the shower to bathe.  (So, relatives, my hair was not perfect at the party this weekend because washing your hair in the sink is a PAIN.)

We dismantled (which required borrowing an allen wrench from my parents – thank you Dad!) the fixture, found the broken plastic piece, and we thought we were set.


The bad news is that none of the local stores carried the part.  They carried ‘Universal’ versions which were NOT universal in the least.

We narrowed down the code for the piece and ordered one from Amazon.

So, here’s to hoping it’s the right piece!


I did find out that there is a hot water limiter in this handle – trying to figure out how to change that because the water is always too cold for me!

Are you having A Week?  How do you deal with unexpected and aggravating house repair issues?  How do you keep your temper when you’re a half hour from bed and need to be showering NOW.  Inquiring minds want to know!