I Didn’t Spend Money on PawPaws But It Wasn’t For Lack of Coveting

Last Christmas, I looked at getting some pawpaw trees, but they were out of stock so I signed up for notifications for when they’re back in stock.

And they’re back!

Pawpaw Trees from Stark Bro s - Paw Paw Trees For Sale

These trees are native to the United States, and they have fruit that I’ve seen described as mango, banana, or ‘tropical’ flavored.  (Whatever that might mean.)

They have two that are cold hardy, the Pennsylvania Golden Pawpaw and the Wells Pawpaw.  You need two varieties to pollinate.  I want them SO BADLY.

I even know exactly where I want to plant them.

I just… I just can’t justify getting them when I’m losing my job.

So I sat and drooled over them, but in the end I didn’t buy one.

But… just look at them!

Ugh.  Why is adulting so difficult?

Are there any fruit trees you really want?  Do you have pawpaw trees?  They used to be common, but I’ve never seen one.  Are they hard to grow?  I’ve seen that it takes 5-7 years to fruit.  Inquiring minds want to know!

4 thoughts on “I Didn’t Spend Money on PawPaws But It Wasn’t For Lack of Coveting

  1. After I bought a baobab and still managed to kill it despite doing my best to keep it alive, it doesn’t seem worth the gamble. I have perfectly good weeds all summer long. I already don’t eat the cucumbers that are already grown and in my garden, lol.

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    1. Just think though, I could have a pawpaw forest in my backyard! I don’t know if my sequoia will fit though. I mean, they’re two inches tall, but they won’t always be two inches tall.


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