Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Catalog Is Out!

Guess what came this week!

I’m so excited.  I love gardening (even though I’m not the best at it), and I especially love growing heirloom plants and unusual plants.

So here’s a peak at the cover:


I had a lot of fun carefully reading each entry and circling those I was interested in.  I won’t buy them all of course – I don’t have the money to buy them or the space to grow them.

But I love looking!

If you’re interested, you can order a free catalog here.

BUT… they often run out of free magazines.

You can get their official book each year from Tractor Supply for ~$10, or you can order it here.

I had a good run of tomatoes from one of the grape tomato packets last year as well as growing a variety of interesting mints and basils.  The plants are dormant now, but if you brush against the basil you’ll smell cloves and basil together, and it’s delicious.

It was interesting that they flagged any plants that could interfere with medications or have a poisonous stage or part.  They also noted one plant was a mild narcotic and that another messed with blood thinners.

It gives me more confidence in them as a company when they flag things like that.

Do you know what you’ll be planting next year?  It’s never too early to dream!