Quite Possibly the Best Artwork I’ve Ever Seen

This will sound a little odd – I’m not sharing photos samples for this artwork here because all of their photos are the actual pieces of art and not like a header to a page or a promotional image.

But I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by this team’s sculptures.  They took existing prehistoric skeletons and used copies to create fantastically realistic sculptures of what they might have looked like… AND they gave each of them expressions that make them pop off the image and look as if you actually know them.

You can find them here at Kennis and Kennis Reconstructions!  Their About Us page states they’re twins and work together on their sculptures.  I was confused by several photos and this cleared up that there were in fact two people on the team!

The La Quina Child especially caught my eye, as they look like they’re suppressing a laugh after doing something mischievous.

So, drop what you’re doing, and take ten minutes to enjoy the best artwork I’ve ever seen!

What do you think of them?  Inquiring minds want to know!  *smile*

2 thoughts on “Quite Possibly the Best Artwork I’ve Ever Seen

  1. So amazing. The poses are so natural and the skin is lifelike. Even the calluses are life like.

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