ITJFU: e r g o j o s h YouTuber

I ran across e r g o j o s h through YouTube’s suggestion of his ‘Stop drawing These Girls‘ video, and I immediately liked him.  His content is thoughtful and in this first video he both addressed an art problem respectfully and encouraged artists to change

But on top of this?  Ya’ll, he’s just so chill and pleasant to listen to.  Even if he wasn’t talking about one of my favorite things – getting better as an artist – I would love listening to him.

His channel is at e r g o j o s h and focuses primarily on learning art and relevant art topics from today.  He seems to bounce around a little on topics, and he has some LiveStreams which I don’t care for so much, but he has such good advice for professional artists or artists looking to take their art to the professional level.

From his About page:

Hey I’m Josh, and I like to draw, and help others.

youtube ergo josh

So, if you’re at all interested in art videos and getting better as an artist, AND you want to relax listening to someone smooooooothly talking about the topic, this is your place to go.

What are you favorite YouTube channels to listen to?  Inquiring minds want to know!