My Favorite Photo EVER

This one’s just for fun!  The world is crazy and scary, and I want a break from that.  So here it goes:

I have ONE PHOTO I love more than any other taken in the history of mankind.

I can’t find an original source for it!  It’s all over the Internet, but no one has cited an original source (guilty), so it’s a mystery.  (If you know the original source, TELL ME PLEASE and I’ll credit!!!)

Here it is:

husky sees kangaroo

Look at this dog’s face.  Every time I see it, I laugh.  It’s been the background image on my computer for at least five years.

This dog took one gander at the kangaroo, turned to its person, and went BOOOOOOOSS!  WHAT IS THIS AND HOW CAN I EVEN?  I can practically hear it wooing.

Love it.

Love it, love it, love it.

Do you have any pictures that make you laugh?  Ones that make you smile even on a rough day?  Ones you’d love to share with others?  Inquiring minds want to know!