Plum Trees Arrived!

I ordered American Plum trees through one of the local USDA conservation programs in March.  I didn’t hear anything, so I assumed it was a wash because of all the shut downs.


They called on Wednesday to have me pick up the trees on Friday, and they had many apologies because the green house shorted them.

This was not a concern – I only wanted 10 trees, but the closest USDA conservation program was out.  In fact, the only one I could find that still had them was in sets of 25 instead of 10.

19 trees is still more than what I wanted.

Here they are:

DSCN4455 resize

They’ve juuuuust started budding, so I’m hoping we won’t have much for freezes from here on out.

DSCN4456 resize

I planted 5 in the backyard, one between our apricot trees where one of those trees was eaten by deer and died:

DSCN4465 resize

And four in a row where we used to have a mulberry tree:

DSCN4464 resize

Here’s to hoping that they grow!

Do you have any fruit trees?  What types of fruit do you prefer?  I try to only plant items I like to eat.  Inquiring minds want to know!