Mrs. Anderson’s Apple Crisp

We’ve been to the Apple Orchards several times this year, usually stopping at the Fleming Orchard as we traditionally do. The owner wasn’t on site this year, and it was completely empty on several of our visits. Seriously, my dad or husband, me, a bakery lady, and a cashier. No customers.

I’m hoping this year won’t destroy their business.

It’s a drive for us, but we love going, and going so often has left my greedy-pants with far too many apples.


I made Apple Crisp. I’ve actually made it twice so far but didn’t get photos of every step, so I’m combining photos from both times.

I used Mrs. Anderson’s Apple Crisp recipe from when I took Home Economics… in HIGH SCHOOL. It’s that good. We’ve kept it and kept using it for ~25 years. It’s a bit sweet though, so I cut back on the sugar.

Time for photos!

Here’s a copy of the recipe:

An overview:

Cutting up apples! I use an apple cutter and leave the skin on. I don’t mind eating the skin, and it makes it so much faster. I love this apple cutter because it makes very small slices AND because it has a piece that pops closed and forces the slices out so you don’t have to fight with them.

Layering them in the pan. I fill it as full as I can manage.

Ready to bake!

The final result:

The Apple Crisp is ridiculously good, and I enjoy it cold, out of the fridge.

Do you have any fall favorite foods? Events? Places you go? What traditions does your family have? Inquiring minds want to know!