I Made Bread!

No, this is not gluten free bread. Instead, this is me testing my End of the World supplies. Like, if you're storing them? Please check to make sure you know how to use them or they're useless to you in an emergency! In this case I have wheat berries and a wheat grinder. So I … Continue reading I Made Bread!

Meal Prep!

I fell off the Keto Wagon for Valentines, and I'm making up for it with meal prep! In on of the Facebook Groups I follow, someone doing Dirty Keto showed how they use pre-made spice mixes to meal prep. This is a fabulous idea.  I almost never like what I cook, but I DO like … Continue reading Meal Prep!

Food Prep!

Did some meal prep and thought you'd like to take a look. I used a variant of this recipe from Pioneer Woman but excluded the sweet peppers. I ended up with eight containers full after we had eaten some: And they juuuuust fit in the freezer.  This is right before I put the last two … Continue reading Food Prep!