Moving Day!

And to continue the trend of no photos, let me tell you how I made moving my brother into a whole debacle. You’ll have to imagine the apartment and my brother as well since I don’t post photos of other people on my blog.

My brother was living in an apartment complex that got some grant funding to redo the apartments since most of the residents are elderly or disabled.

Which is cool because the apartments are old and grungy.

They went through the process by moving one resident into an empty apartment, renovating their room, moving them back. This has been going on for almost a year.

Finally, it was my brother’s turn to move. Huzzah, right?

He asked us to help him move, which, cool. I owe him for all the moves he helped me with.

He told me noon or one or so, and I went on with my day.

A few days later Dad asked what time we were moving and I guessed 10 because I didn’t remember. I told him I would check my Facebook to make sure of the time.

I never updated him.

My dad showed up promptly at 10 to a very surprised brother. My brother called to demand what was going on, and I apologized, staggered out of bed and rushed over with my husband.

Like, I’ll fudge the time sometimes because I never want to be late to anything. My mom and husband both have a tendency to make me late, so I tell them half an hour ahead of time.

But I’ve never fudged the time three hours!

So everyone was aggravated, but we got on to moving. They moved my brother into one of the newly renovated apartments, which is nice because it was really pretty.

There is one flaw with the apartment though.

My brother is very tall. How tall? 6’9″ at least.

The ceiling is generally high enough for him, but the new renovations put a ceiling fan RIGHT in the middle of the living room.

A fan about forehead height for him.


He talked to the building manager, so I’m hoping they fix it!

So, that’s how I aggravated everyone at the same time! Do you fudge the time when you go places? Has it ever gotten you into trouble? Inquiring minds want to know!