Chopped My Hair Off Again

I didn’t get any photos this time, and I’m in my PJs after a shower right now so no photo now. But! I got six inches of hair cut off.

Earlier this year, when things closed, my dad cut it for me. He wasn’t happy with how it looked, but I was happy – it was shorter, therefore a success. Besides, I always keep it in a pony tail so it’s not like I’m looking at it.

I asked him to cut it again this week, and he said nope, not happening.

So I went to Mom and asked if she could maybe try cutting it, but she can’t stand very long because of her hip replacement, so she set me up to get my hair cut with her.

I wasn’t happy about going out and doing this with a pandemic going on, but everyone stayed masked and the lady we go to disinfected everything between people. There was one person there when we got there, and then when they finished it was just the lady and us.

End result: shorter hair.

I used to have extremely long hair, but I’ve gotten tired of caring for it, so I keep hacking it off anytime it reaches the middle of my back. Basically, as soon as my husband started inadvertently pinning me in his sleep by rolling over onto it I decide it’s time to cut it.

I don’t have any photos of it from high school when it was its longest, but here’s from a few years ago:

So, this was a titillating tale of my highly exciting week.