ITJFU: Emirichu YouTuber

It’s been a week, which means I have two Interesting Things Just for U posts showcasing recent YouTubers I’ve found and enjoy.

Today is Emirichu, found here. She’s an artist who does CUTE artwork and animations, and I especially like her series of guest videos talking about their adolescent crushes. She also has an interesting video with insights on being Asian American that I enjoyed.

She’s cheerful and friendly sounding, usually fairly upbeat, and I love her art style.

Per her description:

Hi, I like drawing and I’m using this channel to be more active with my hobby. I’m not an animator. (I occasionally make animatics, but those arent the same as animations.) Thanks for stopping by!~ I don’t really know what I’m doing but I’m trying.

It’s relaxing to listen to her, and she often makes me laugh. Hopefully she’s a YouTuber you’d enjoy too!