ITJFU: Studio of MM YouTuber

This YouTuber is a little different from the ones I usually follow, but I found her wide variety of interests and 3D printing enough to point it out.

Studio of MM can be found here, and there are quite a videos I like.

She 3D prints storage items for art, which is neat, and she tries out an array of art supplies which is fun to watch since I haven’t tried a lot of these items.

As she describes herself:

Documenting and sharing all kinds of creative endeavours. New videos every week on everything from art supplies, speedpaints, tutorials, product reviews, studio vlogs and more.

Studio of M.M is run by Michaela M., an award winning artist from Ontario, Canada. Michaela started posting her artwork online in her early teens, quickly achieving worldwide exposure due to her life size paper sculptures.

In the years since then, she has continuously evolved her artwork to suit her interests. Today she is most known for her watercolour paintings and illustrations, unique paper artwork and highly detailed props and costumes.

Michaela’s latest project has been developing and producing custom art supplies storage that can be purchased from her store:

While the videos are hit and miss for what I enjoy watching, she is very accomplished and good at her chosen hobbies, and I thought it might be of interest to ya’ll, especially for those art inclined because she is very knowledgeable.

Maybe you’ll find something you like!