Help! What Do You Know About Floating Laminate Floors?

When we bought our house, Community Block Grant reroofed it and put in a floating laminate wood floor in the living room because there was no flooring at all in there.

The kitchen floor was rough, but they wouldn’t work on it, so we put rugs over it to protect our feet from splinters.

Closer inspection has show that they’re NOT hardwood floors in the kitchen and bedroom. Instead it’s pine, the wood underlayer that sits on the beams, and they just put a single coat of stain and varnish. You can look up between the slats from the basement.

You can dig into the wood with your fingernail, it’s so soft.

Well, the rugs are getting ridiculous:

We’ve basically covered the entire floor with rugs and are still getting splinters.

So I’ve been looking into putting in the same flooring as we have in the living room. It looks like something we could manage if we borrowed a circular saw.

There are YouTube videos.

I mean, what could go wrong, right?

Yeah, lots.

So I’d like to pick your brains: have you put in flooring like this before? Do you have any resources you suggest or advice? Inquiring minds want to know!