Finally! Both Cars Are Home

It’s been a bad two months for car repairs.

My husband’s 2006 Subaru Legacy Sedan had suspicious fumes in the cabin, so we brought it in.

Below: his car, my current car, and in the background my old car.

Head gasket leak, and they couldn’t tell us how long it would be until it was a crisis. They gave an estimate prefaced with an explanation that they don’t usually do this repair and it would cost more through them.

So we brought it to my husband’s uncle’s shop that does these sorts of repairs.

So that came home!

While we were waiting, we were driving my 2005 Subaru Outback, and we were putting air in the tires every day.

No kidding, all four, every day.

So we ordered tires for that vehicle, and we had them fix the tire pressure sensors while they worked on it. It had the cheap original tires on it that were on it when I bought it in 2019, so I guess they were due.

Today both cars are home, but my wallet weeps.