The Garden in My Closet Update

I added a second grow light a few weeks ago, and my plants took off!

I usually have problems with germination, and whatever germinates is leggy and fragile.

Not so much now. I’ll have to start planting as soon as it’s past last frost because they’re getting big!

Having two lights allows me to have one down low and one high.

The bok choy in the back is nearly ready to harvest, as are the various pots of lettuce. This bok choy only gets a few inches tall, and it’s pretty much there.

But look at how happy these plants are! The tomatoes at the front got a little too close to the light and dry, so some of that group is unhappy, but otherwise looking good.

Onions and basils and lettuce!

I think I’ll harvest one of the pots of lettuce and reseed because I want to have them in stages.

Some close ups of the lettuce:

Not sure which type this is, but they’re getting big!

And the other two pots:

They look delicious though!

If you start plants indoors, how are they going?