Novel Turned In!

My novel is turned in!

My brains are spaghetti, but I got it all turned in to my proof readers., and responses are positive so far.

I got a call from a beta reader that was a huge help and very encouraging too.

Before I turned it in, I reread and proofed it one more time. I have the paid version of Pro Writing Aid, which was NOT cheap, and I bought the permanent version. This program let me catch a TON of typos and mistakes, AND it showed me several writing tics that I have. One I chose to work on removing, but the other is a stylistic tic that I left in place. I’ve had that tic since writing poetry at age 12, and I still like how it sounds.

I’ve been listening to Au/Ra for this round of revisions, so I thought I’d give a shout out to them.

Now I have to work on front matter, dedication, acknowledgements, and blurbs for authors I want to promote at the back of my book.

But for the novel itself, I get a break from writing and can recharge by reading books on my TBR list. *smile*

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