Brooke’s Character Portrait

Just a quick tease of a post to show you that Brooke's portrait is almost complete. Look at those eyes! She's lovely! Does she look like you'd imagined her?

Story Bible

I'm working on a story bible for my Ocooch series. If you're not familiar with the idea, a story bible is a file, document, or set of documents that store all the useful information you need for a series so you don't contradict yourself. What color are the best friend's eyes in book one? It … Continue reading Story Bible

Character Artwork

I loved the cover for book two SO much, and it was done by a different artist than book one, even though its the same studio. Here is a cut from it: So, for marketing materials I commissioned the same artist to do character portraits of the love interests. Can you guess who? It's Hakon! … Continue reading Character Artwork