My Parents’ Roof Is Done!

Thank you to all of the AMAZING people who donated to our GoFundMe to help my parents’ finish fixing their roof. The original roofer fell through, and my parents were out a lot of money with no roof to show for it.

It was an old tin roof, and we have photos of the house with THE SAME ROOF from ~1930, so it did its best for a long time with only maintenance and repaints.

The last five years or so have been awful for leaks though, to the point that the office had cake pans out to catch rain before it could reach the work computers.

Ya’ll, it was bad.

We tried to find a roofer through church, but the first person who took a look at it because they knew the pastor flat out said they didn’t have the tools or experience to fix it. It needed a lot of structure rebuilt due to water damage.

That roofer suggested a different roofing company, and they came and took a look. Gave a bid, Dad took it, and they had to wait for spring to start it. So all winter we had water here, water there, water EVERYWHERE in the house. It was awful, and the first spring thunderstorms were nerve wracking.

And then the roofers came! It took them ~3 weeks, with weather interrupts, and there was SWEARING.

The first day, they arrived at 8am promptly, and Dad was in the upstairs office when they found the first surprise at 8:30 and started cussing. Most notable quote, ‘This is like trying to make chicken salad out of chicken s**t.’

But they were true to their word, and they got the roof done. They saved the bell tower for last because they weren’t sure the previous roofer had bought enough material. They had juuuuuuuust enough to finish, with just scraps left over. I heard one of them slap the roof and proclaim ‘DONE’ in this super relieved voice.

They were a life saver, and I can’t find them on Yelp to leave a good review! But if you’re local, and you want roofers, Randy Dombeck did the work and is who you want to go to.

So they’ve been paid, the roof is done, and all of ya’ll at our GoFundMe (not everyone had their name public) are the reason why. So many people shared, that many of the names were surprises or only tangentially acquaintances, but there were names from people I remember fondly and haven’t spoken to in forever. You’re all amazing. So, THANK YOU!!! There were so many people that stepped up, and we really appreciate it; you saved our bacon!

One thought on “My Parents’ Roof Is Done!

  1. Thank you again to everyone for helping us out and donating and sharing. We have enough to fix the inside from all the water damage done from when the first roofer stopped and the last roofer started on our roof. It looks great and red is a wonderful color for a one-room school house with a real original bell tower. First building was here in 1854 and we know this building was here in the 1930’s. But if it’s the original metal roof from 1854, that makes that roof 166 years old. Pretty good for a metal roof. It would be nice to have more detailed information. We’re very happy with the new roof! Drive by to see the new roof.

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