R. J. Blain – Author Gift!

A while back, I won a drawing for a free mystery item from author R. J. Blain. They were giving out copies of damaged, proof books, books with old covers, that type of thing. I was stoked, and then life distracted, and I forgot.

R. J. Blain writes a variety of fiction, including under the pen name Susan Copperfield. Her Magical Romantic Comedy books are very popular, but she writes serious urban fantasy too. As Susan Copperfield her Royal States of America are my favorite books of hers.

Sooooo, when I got a lovely package in the mail, I was startled. But I looked at the package and recognized the name (package not included in my photos for privacy) and remembered abruptly.

It opened to this package, wrapped nicely as a surprise. Love it!!!

And then inside:

I haven’t read this one yet! It’s the third book in a HILARIOUS trilogy with a Cindercorn as the main character.

The front, with its old cover:

So excited to get this!

You can find the new cover here at the Flame Game listing.

So, thank you to the author for sending me a gift book, and I’m excited to read it! I TOTALLY recommend their writing, especially if you like your urban fantasy with a lot of humor in it!