Birthday Presents I Adore

Here’s the Birthday presents I got that are NOT art supplies, in no particular order.

I mean, the biggest one is last because I don’t want it to negate the other awesome presents, which I love, but otherwise no order.

From dad, window prisms! I have one in the bedroom, but now I can hang them ALL OVER THE HOUSE!

I anticipate many rainbows in my future. <3 <3 <3

Because I like to wander around in my PJs, from my mom a flannel nightgown:

It’s from the Lanz of Salzburg company that you can find HERE. They’re NICE nightgowns, and they last forever if you take care of them. They’re warm and cozy and roomy, and I love how they reach the calf.

On days I’m not going outside I just sit around in the one I already have. My husband hates it, but why get dressed when I’m staying home? I could be comfortable instead.

Now I have two so they can go in the wash opposite each other!

From my dad – 3 hole printer paper! He knows me well because I was delighted.

I’ve used all of mine up printing copies of my novel for revision efforts, and it’s so expensive. You’d think they made the hole punches with gold die or something! Now I estimate I can print another 20 or so copies of a novel before I run out. Thank you!

And lastly, from my in-laws, a compost tumbler:

My husband spent all Saturday evening cussing and fighting with this to get it assembled, and I love it! His biggest complaint about the kitchen is that we go through a LOT of vegetable/fruit scraps, especially when watermelons are in season.

The watermelon rind, especially, weighs down the garbage bag and forces us to change it multiple times in a week. We get 4 bags that we can put out a week, and he gets annoyed if we start building up bags in the garage. Plus he’s on the ‘less trash is more’ boat, so we try not to make a lot of trash.

So, my in-laws have resolved our ongoing argument! THANK YOU!

We set up a coffee can next to the sink for scraps, and the first batch is already in there. I read the manual and everything.

This was a huge surprise, and I really appreciate it.

Thank you to my AWESOME family members for a wonderful birthday!

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    1. So useful! Also, I’ve never actually seen you take compost out of yours so it’s an endless discard produce device.

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