Our Vet’s Office Ladies Are SO SWEET!

Okay, so this one’s 100% silly.

Tundra loves going to the vet to see The Ladies, and he’d been going and getting blood draws because he’s getting older and on a pain med.

So he has new meds to take, and we stopped in to pick them up. He loved on The Ladies of course, and we wanted him to visit WITHOUT a blood draw so he’d enjoy seeing them and wouldn’t fight going to the vet.

Anyway, I got home and opened the bag, and this sticker was inside:

Tundra for reference:

They bought us a SUPER CUTE sticker on their own to include with his bag!

So of course I called them IMMEDIATELY and said thank you for the sticker. The lady who picked up laughed and said one of the Office Ladies saw Tundra was getting a prescription and ordered the sticker for him.

SO sweet of them.

Love ya’ll, Office Ladies. And Tundra loves you too!