An In Progress Art Piece

The art I’ve been doing can take anywhere between 10 and 40 hours depending on the complexity. So, this piece isn’t done yet, but I have some in progress photos to look at.

First, the reference, with her bare chest covered. From Studio Grafit.

The sketch on printer paper:

Obviously, I’m going full on mermaid with this.

The transfer onto the nice paper:

After erasing and lightening lines:

And the markers lay down. These are Ohuhu markers, so they’re NOT archival, but I don’t care because they’re cheap and I’m just practicing.

It’s a little blotchy but not too bad. There will be pearls hanging between the shells too, but I didn’t want to have to marker around them.

I’m really happy with how the face came out!

So, this is as far as it’s gotten. Colored pencils are next, and I’ve been watching a TON of videos on how to blend and use them well.

I’m looking at a blue/gray tint to her skin, and I haven’t decided what exactly I want floating in the background.

Jellyfish maybe?

What do you think?

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