Magic 8 Ball Says: Results Are Promising

I got my MRI results literally the day after I had it.

Talk about quick response time!

Note that this was taken with and without contrast.

They were fun to read through. I thought they would JUST check our location of concern, but they looked at everything. I was impressed with the level of detail, and it took several reads for me to understand the details.

To be honest, the first read was a frantic skim followed by a big sigh of relief.

Anyway, unrelated details.

I have no aneurysms, mucosal thickening in one sinus (which I take to mean ‘full of snot’), and various ‘benign anatomical variations’ which I’ll take to mean that I have parts that are oddly sized/shaped/located but within the normal livable range. I have two salivary glands on the outside of my jaw, which was the biggest oddity I think.

No build up in my veins or arteries, surprisingly clean in fact, but my family, at least on my mom’s side, is remarkably clean that way, all of us.

Thyroid is normal, which is good because thyroid issues are very common and plagued my grandma.

Various lymph nodes and glands are normal.

There are no big lurking masses or pockets or lesions.

A little bit of scar tissue from having my mouth worked on and my neck injury was too low for them to pick it out in this one.

As for what we’re looking for?

What we found downgraded my concerns significantly, although the issue will still need to be promptly addressed. I’m playing the ‘I need an appointment, please’ game while I wait because we found the issue RIDICULOUSLY early and I’d rather deal with it NOW than let it progress.

Super vague, I know, but I won’t be calling people and explaining until we have a plan going forward.

I don’t like panicking people.

I don’t like panicking people for something unusually NOT threatening and not having answers to their questions.

So, once I have a plan, I’ll stop vaguebooking and call everyone who should get a personal call. After I’ve reached them, I’ll post here and on Facebook for the general public who might be interested.

But the long and short of it is this isn’t dire right now.

The MRI result was GOOD because it showed it definitely isn’t dire.

And now I wait.

2 thoughts on “Magic 8 Ball Says: Results Are Promising

    1. Thank you! It’s reassuring, and we’re planning what to do next so I’ve been calling family so they’re not blind sided by a blog post. 🙂 I’m not in any danger of dying, but some words have bad, knee-jerk connotations that panic people. In my case, no need of panic at all but I want to talk to people personally to be sure they’re hearing me and not panicking and visualizing coffins!

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