End of the World Bunkers-R-Us

I had a TON of fun looking at end of the world bunkers with my brother and rating them based on practicality, design, whether the close spaces would incite violence, you know, the usual criteria.

So far, my favorite is from Atlas Survival Shelters: The Pennsylvania. The image below is, of course, theirs and copyrighted to them and whatever. I’m just showing so you can see without going to the link above.

Why are they named after states?

No idea.

Anywho, this shelter would give space for three ‘apartments’, one for my parents, one for my brother, one for my husband and I. There’s an extra room in one apartment for my dad’s office and extra rooms for those friends or relatives who figure we’ve got lots of space and food and would show up.

Spoiler: I can’t afford this bunker, and even if I could the water table is WAY too high here to build one, but it’s nice to dream.

Secondary spoiler: I only have about six months of food for three people or so because my dearest husband has put a cap on the amount of food I can squirrel away in our house. A LOT of it is wheat berries, rice, and dried pinto beans, along with two freezers of veggies and various frozen potatoes.

Plus I live in a 900 square foot house with no power-outage source of heat or power. We’re looking at solar panels, but that will be after I’m sure my student loans are forgiven. Dear world: please don’t implode until I have everything together.

So, yeah, if you’re coming you’re going to need to live in the garage, k? Because my brother gets my closet, and my parents get the living room. *grin*

Do you enjoy looking at survival bunkers? Or tiny houses, because I adore looking at those. I know looking at modern day castles and such is popular right now, but I’m not so classy. What do you like dreaming about? Inquiring minds want to know!