Loan Done

We finished up the paperwork for our home equity loan, which was a mess.

The poor gentleman at our credit union had to do our forms four times over the weeks leading up to the signing, first because my estimate of house value was WAY low.

The appraisal came in, and I found out my uncle had died and would need help with end of life costs, so I increased the loan to $15,000. So he had to redo the forms.

Then insurance had Community Block Grant listed before my bank, so I had to choose between trying to get them to go third or increase the loan to enough that I could pay off their lien first. (Community Block Grant put a roof on our house in 2013 when we moved in, and we have a 0% apr loan that only has to be paid if we move out or sell.)

So he redid for that.

But then Community Block Grant turned out to be right on top of things, and got back to me immediately. They grilled me on what I’d be spending the money on since this was a little out of order for what they expected. I sweated a bit, but they said it was acceptable and approved the expenditures and agreed to go third.

So our loan officer had to redo the forms again back to the $15,000.

By the time we signed, this poor gentleman had done my paperwork four times.


So, I’m digging for a ‘Thank you’ card to send him!