Tax Estimates

I've mentioned before that I went manic during the earlier part of the year and spent a ton of money rapidly. I haven't had a manic spell like this for almost ten years, so it was MORTIFYING. What I didn't say is that to keep us afloat I pilfered from our quarterly taxes. I didn't … Continue reading Tax Estimates

New Rugs!

Our flooring in our house is... rough. It's not even a proper floor. It's pine subfloor that someone varnished and tried to pass off as flooring. It's awful. It's driving splinters into our feet. I was looking at replacing it in January, and the estimated cost was going to be ~$3000. I checked now, and … Continue reading New Rugs!

Tax Time!

It's THAT time of year, and we had our taxes prepared at our usual preparer's office, with the same person we've been seeing for... 10?... years. We always enjoy seeing her, and she likes us because we always have all the paperwork we need AND we pay quarterly so it's not a big bill. Our … Continue reading Tax Time!