In Which We Start a Let’s Play

I’m going to preface this with the fact that this is an OFF BRAND endeavor – it is neither Clean nor Sweet. There is swearing.

That said, my best friend and I started a Let’s Play!

If you’re not familiar with them, these are YouTube videos where a person or several people play a game, filming themselves playing with commentary. Then, you can watch them, and if they’re good at what they do, it will feel kind of like you’re hanging out with a friend watching them play.

For folks like my husband and I, who are fairly isolated and don’t live near any of our friends, this is wonderful. We don’t see folks very often, and it gets lonely.

A very famous Let’s Play group is the Game Grumps. They’re fun to watch and my husband and I love them. Their set up is audio over the game film with some videos that have them in them. Mostly, it’s audio though.

Another Let’s Play we love is the ADORABLE Sarah Key. She puts video of herself in the corner of the screen while she plays so you can see her reactions.

I’ve wanted to do a Let’s Play for years, but I’m not particularly cute, and I’m awkward in front of a camera.

And then Valentine’s Day rolled around, and my husband set up an avatar for me so that I could record as a Vtuber instead.

A Vtuber is generally a girl with a cute voice and mannerisms who does Let’s Play style videos with a cartoon image of themselves in the corner. These have been primarily limited to Twitch Streams with lots of fans donating money or listening to them sing song requests. Usually, they’re Japanese girls, and they speak English during the streams, at least for the ones that are popular here. Their English skills vary, but even if rough tend to be charming and cute.

The most famous is a salty Vtuber who calls herself Gawr Gura with a shark girl avatar.

So… why can’t I do a Let’s Play in episodes with a Vtuber style Avatar? I’m not particularly cute and charming – think sarcastic and snarky.

I’ve posted about setting up my avatar before, and this is who I settled on.

I attempted to record World vs World in Guild Wars 2 by myself, but I’m just not that entertaining.

Sooooo… I begged my best friend to Discord with me to do this! She’s a patient soul, also prone to snark and sarcasm, and she recorded a few sessions with me so far.


Now I have a YouTube Channel! You can find me under This Nonsense, and I have exactly one video up.

Here’s the page:

With my sole video:

Of COURSE I crashed my best friend’s audio for the first three sessions we recorded because it recorded what was going out my speakers, not what was on my headset.

Then, when I tried to fix it, I crashed the game audio in the fourth session.

And I crashed the game SO MANY TIMES it was ridiculous, and we were entirely unwilling to go through the first section again because it made us crazy with the glitches. To be fair, it was release week, and since then there have been a TON of patches.

So the videos aren’t great.

I’m talking to myself.


I’m putting myself out there. *smile*

Reminder that these videos are neither Clean nor Sweet. There is swearing. LOTS of swearing.

If that’s your style, take a look and let me know what you think!

3 thoughts on “In Which We Start a Let’s Play

  1. I love Let’s Plays! I myself trawl the likes of The Spiffy Brit and Real Civil Engineer just because they have a unique way of playing the games of their choice.

    And lol at the audio. But that’s how we learn, right? Both of you sound natural for Let’s Plays, so I hope you keep on down this path!

    1. We’re watching a Let’s Play of Rainworld tonight and cracking up. Playing the game is frustrating but rewarding, watching it when you’ve already played through is hilarious. 🙂

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