Pasta Machine!

I’ve been working on making rice pasta, and while the recipe I found makes a good dough, I can’t seem to roll it thin enough that it will cook all the way through when I boil it.


It’s time for a pasta machine!

Now, before you’re visualizing some hugely expensive endeavor… it’s not.

In fact, it’s THIS hand cranked pasta machine.

It has pretty solid reviews WITH photos of made pasta, and it was one of the more expensive machines, but it was on sale (and still is as of writing this post). Note that this is NOT an affiliate link.

Here’s what it looks like in person.


It comes with a clamp to hold it in place on your counter and/or table and a crank to turn it.

And the manual:

I haven’t cleaned it and tried making pasta yet, but I’m super stoked to try!

I also have a second pasta recipe that is ONLY rice flour instead of rice flour with tapioca flour like the one I’ve been using. But I’ll use the established recipe to try the pasta machine rather than try and new recipe AND a new kitchen tool. I want to be sure goofs are the machine only and not because I switched recipes.

What do you think?