First Attempt at Gouache

My kindle was out of juice, so I didn’t have my reference photos and ended up snagging a photo off the shelves to paint.

I turned out all right, but something went horribly wrong with mom’s face, as evidenced by my husband saying ‘is that supposed to be your mom?’.


Plus the gouache is cracking in places.

But it’s not a bad first attempt!

I’ll sketch over her face and try again in a few days. Her original photo is nearly black and white with age, but I’ll try upping the saturation too. *smile*

Both photos were taken in the same church, at our weddings, in the same pose, nearly 30 years apart.

2 thoughts on “First Attempt at Gouache

  1. I like the pictures. I can imagine myself doing this pose 39 years ago.

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