My New Writing Plan for this Fall

Taking all of the classes I’m doing right now has thrown a wrench in my plans for writing this fall.

So, here is what I’m currently planning to do. This is of mild interest to most folks, at best, but makes myself accountable here, in front of you.

Biggest priority:

  1. Writing three short stories, one told from each guy’s POV from Still Water. These are intended to be a reader magnet so that I can start working on my newsletter.
  2. Writing an opening sequence of emails for my newsletter and setting them up.
  3. Getting Still Water to the editor in October.
  4. Preparing GIRLIE for NaNoWriMo so I can push out some words.
  5. Continuing Publish and Thrive and starting HB90 Bootcamp classes.

Next biggest priority:

  1. Working with artist to redo cover, create a business card, and create bookmarks.
  2. Setting up accounts at Barnes and Noble Press and Ingram Spark to sell paper copies at other retailers.
  3. Working with editor to get feedback on Still Water.
  4. Implementing feedback on Still Water.
  5. Setting up an online store through my website. Upgrading the website and using woocommerce.
  6. Hooking my online store to BookFunnel.
  7. Hooking my newsletter to BookFunnel.
  8. Continuing to revise Murky Water and getting it up on betabooks for rewrites.
  9. Continuing How to Write a Bestseller class.

Lower priority:

  1. Retitling Still Water and Murky Water.
  2. Working on Bryan Cohen and Mark Dawson and David Gaughran’s classes.
  3. Beginning outline for book coming after Murky Water.
  4. Exploring serial novel options and seeing if I have any ideas for them that will work.
  5. Getting my bookmarks designed and printed.
  6. Setting up a variety of writing related finance and sales tracking excel sheets.


  1. Old novels waiting for revision.
  2. Old short stories waiting for revision.
  3. Revamping website.


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