We Bought a Purple Mattress

First of all, this is NOT an affiliate link.

Second of all, the only reason we bought a mattress is because our current mattress now has a class action lawsuit for having fiberglass in it. More importantly, the instructions on it say to take off the cover and wash it… leaving fiberglass all over the house.

You can imagine.

We haven’t taken the cover off, but I have no interest in getting fiberglass anywhere.

We like the mattress in a box type mattresses, so we looked online to find that the brand we already have dominates the market, and the other brands were, well, awful.

So we bought a purple mattress!

And since we already had to buy a different frame for it, we upgraded to a King sized bed.

It’s HUGE.

We’re used to sleeping all pressed up together, the dog, my husband, and me, but on this we all finally had our own space, and I wasn’t sleeping squished up against the wall.

It was comfortable enough, and the website says give it 21 days to adjust, so we’ll see how it goes.

Our previous mattresses were all in the $200-$300 range, so there was some sticker shock with this.

The only downers were that we had to buy sheets since we didn’t have any King sized sheets. But our old sheets were tearing on the corners because they didn’t fit quite right, so I don’t feel too guilty.

Have you tried a purple mattress?