We Have THE Best Neighbors!

One of our neighbors, a gentleman we’ve never spoken to before, caught my husband outside and offered him some grapes.

My husband, knowing me, immediately said we’d love some grapes. He came over with FIVE POUNDS of red grapes and explained that we’d freeze hard again tonight so he had to pick them.

We thanked him, added him mentally to the friendly neighbors list, and then the question was… what do we DO with 5 lbs of grapes?

I decided to make grape jelly.

I have NEVER made jelly before, butt I was pretty sure I had pectin somewhere, and I have a brand new food mill that I wanted to play with.

I INTENDED to take lots of photos but this was so incredibly messy that that didn’t happen.

Instead, I’ll post the result.

I had NO idea what I was doing, spilled grape everywhere, stained everything, but the end result was a slightly firm jelly!

I have three containers in the freezer, and this one squeeze bottle of it. I have no idea how long it’ll last, and I don’t know how to can, so I’m eating it fast!

Is it delicious?


And of course, I had to have it with my bread!

So, thank you to my neighbor! Somehow I didn’t get your name, but I’ll work on that. 😀