I’m Mentioned in this Article!

They found me on reddit on a thread about medications and Mark Cuban’s pharmacy – my main psych medication used to be $15,000 out of pocket for a three month supply.

The same medication, as a generic, at Mark Cuban’s is $39 for a three month supply.

Here’s the article in question: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/the-doctor-lowering-drug-prices-for-1-million-patients-with-help-from-mark-cuban-sam-altman-and-martin-shkreli-5e72d77a

And for those of you who hate clicking links, I’ll quote it here.

Heather Wittman, age 39, of Wauzeka, Wisc., is serious about being 100% compliant with the medications she needs to manage her rapid cycling bipolar disorder. Years ago, when she was uninsured and couldn’t afford her medications, she was hospitalized and only survived because an emergency-room doctor gave her free samples, she said. “I don’t have a choice” about taking the drugs, she said. “Not taking them doesn’t just ruin my life and what ability I have to work but also makes everyone around me miserable.” 

But one of Wittman’s medications, Latuda, can cost well over $1,000 in retail pharmacies–and she’s now losing her Medicaid coverage because of an income change, which will cause her drug costs to “go through the roof,” she said. So she’s working to transfer her prescriptions over to Cost Plus Drugs, which offers a 30-day supply of her dosage of lurasidone, a Latuda generic, for $17. “It’s disgusting that these medications are so expensive,” she said. “I’m stoked to have found Mark Cuban’s site.”   


They gave the data for a much lower dose than I take – it’s $3000 out of pocket right now, and $39 on Mark Cuban, but otherwise I’m amused and hope this supports Mark Cuban’s website!

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