Planning on My Kanban Board

I’m planning out what I want to achieve for the next few months, and so here is a photo of my Kanban board.

Two sections of the board are for my current novel in revisions, ‘Murky Water’. The HTRYN Lessons are the class I use to evaluate and set up to revise my novel, and the scene count down on the left will happen afterwards, letting me know what’s complete and ready to go.

Due Dates on the bottom are fairly reasonable, I think. I should have the first read through and set up for revisions done by September, and then I’ll take a break and resume working on it in January.

The outline ‘Girlie’ was a surprise though.

I got BLINDSIDED by the idea, and it’s not letting me drop it, so I’m outlining it along with doing revisions.

Then, if I like the outline, I’ll write a large chunk of it for NaNoWriMo.

And after I’ve recovered from that, I’ll work on a scene by scene edit of ‘Murky Water’.

Now, ‘Girlie’ is NOT part of my Ocooch Mountains Urban Fantasy world.

It’s new.

It’s exciting.

So I’m letting myself outline it to burn off that excitement and see what the actual idea looks like not just the sparkles and joy of first coming up with it. It may turn out to be terrible. I might not like it.

It’s happened.

But. If the outline is solid, I’ll write it. I scheduled time in for that.

I have deadlines to fit it in.

What do you think?