Looking at the Campfire Website and Software

I downloaded a new piece of software AND paid for some of the modules on their website so that my chronicler and I could sort the data from my novels, so let’s have a look-see, hey?

The website is at https://www.campfirewriting.com/ and you can pick and choose which writing modules you want.

The software is nearly identical and can be manually synced.

And I can have someone else with editor access WITHOUT them having to pay as well.

I took screencaps from the software, but the website is very, very similar.

My projects:

My second novel in the Ocooch series is nested under the first, as you can see.

If you want to add someone, you can add them as a viewer or an editor, and I chose editor. The place you do this is here:

You’d click ‘Share Project’ and go through the options there. You can either invite by email or send a link.

In the software, you can have multiple projects open at once which is AMAZING, and if they’re nested, you can pull data between the two.

The sidebar with modules:

And under each of these modules, you have nested data.

Example, relationships:

And then the flow chart for Dani’s relationships in book one.

Character data can be seen in its own screen:

Or as a nested screen with the character list visible to the left:

And every type of data under a module has its own screen.

So far, I’m loving it, and I love that we can share the data so when I desperately need to look up a piece of data, my chronicler has already entered it, synced, and I can find it.

It’s expensive to buy these modules up front.

That said, you can pick and choose what you want to pay for, even as a monthly subscription.

I intend to buy the modules permanently slowly, over time, so that they aren’t a huge cost up front.

I’d definitely suggest you take a look at this software if you enjoy writing because it’s super useful, SUPER customizable, and allows collabs.